Manufacturers of Abrasive Cloth, Abrasive Paper, Abrasive Belts and Rolls, Metal Working, Heavy and Normal Grinding, Polishing Surface Finishing, Machine Sanding of Metals and Non Metals, Wood Working / Plywood, Waterproof Cloth Belts, Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper, Flap Wheels, Spindle Mops, Coated Abrasives


Automobile Industry : For grinding, polishing and finishing operations, for removing welded burrs, parting   lines from casting etc.

Hand Tool Industry : For grinding and polishing of forged tools like spanners, Pliers, screw drivers etc.

Plywood Industry / wood working / Furniture Industry. For polishing of plywood, wood grinding & polishing.

General Engineering Applications : For grinding, finishing, polishing of crank shafts.

Electroplating Industries / Buffing units : Major consumption is in form of belts and flap wheels.

Leather Industry : Buffing of leather goods and manufacturing foot wears.

Glass Industry : Used for grinding of toughened glass, grinding of edges of normal / decorative glass.

Plastic Industry.

Grain Grit Size:

Coarse       :24,  36,  40,   50.
Medium      :60,  80, 100, 120.
Fine          :150  180, 220.
Extra fine   :240, 320, 400.
Superfine   :500,  600.

Quality parameters for Raw Materials tested at SAPL laboratory

1. Industrial Drill Cloth 
J weight cloth - Used for finer grits.
X weight cloth - Used for medium grits.
Y weight cloth - Used for coarse grits.

The basic parameters checked for cloth are
The Yarn count.
Reed, picks in cloth.
Average weight.
Tensile properties of wrap and weft threads.
Tear strength.
Visual observation for visible defects .
During processing the cloth is tested for all the parameters.

2. Grains 
Aluminum oxide grains.
Silicon Carbide grains.
Zirconium Alumna grains.

The performance of any abrasive depends upon the grains. So it is very important to choose the right grains and to test the parameters which controls the performance of the end product.

The following are the main parameters tested at SAPL lab

Particle size of the grains.
Specific gravity.
Bulk Density.
Chemical Compositions.
Hardness testing.

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